Moving back to Washington DC

NYC Street Portrait

I haven’t really been great about blogging but I think I need something like this now more than ever. I think it’s important to write about these events for the sake of posterity but to also be truthful and honest in doing so.

I’m moving back home (Washington DC) and I’m kind of upset about the whole situation.

For those of you that don’t know (and that’s pretty much everyone, because I have no readers) I moved to NYC about 4 and a half years ago, for reasons unknown. I had just finished art school and I felt like a big fish in a small pond. I knew I needed to go somewhere and I wanted to take on the biggest, baddest city around and NYC seemed like the perfect place for an artist.

I’ve struggled here. A lot. But I told myself that moving back home was never an option and after a lot of artistic exploration I found myself with a camera in hand. I was working at a camera store at the time, selling cameras, yet had no knowledge of cameras at all. In wanting to be a better employee I sat down with an old Nikon D100 and youtube videos and tried to learn anything and everything I could. I would come home from work, watch youtube videos on photography, sleep, only to continue the process the next day. This went on for weeks, then months, and eventually after a year of shooting and voracious learning I landed my first job as a professional product photographer in NYC.

Within a few months, however, I was laid off unexpectedly. After 4 and a half hard years though I had no fight left in me and my family convinced me to move back home.

This brings us to current day and I write this blog entry from my bedroom in Brooklyn as I put off packing for another hour. I’m leaving the city I love and I’ve left the only job that made me truly happy…but this isn’t the end of me. This is just a new beginning.


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