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Costilla Family Session – Dorchester State Park – North Charleston, SC

I shot with the Castillo family the same day I shot with Kayli & Emilio in Dorchester State Park. If you ask me, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Saturday, because I got to deliver to two families something they’ll value for years to come — family photos. As Patricia and Marcos watch their daughters grow they’ll be able to look back and cherish the journey that brought them there. Their daughters, in adulthood, will be able to look back at the parents that raised them and be proud of where they come from. They’ll think back to the way their parents loved each other and loved them and they’ll be able to see it plain as day. I take my job as a photographer very seriously, I capture more than just moments. I capture thoughts, feelings, emotions, and visuals.

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words and believe me, they are. I’m just glad that people trust me enough to allow me to write those words.

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Kayli + Emilio – Dorchester State Park, North Charleston, SC

Sometimes being a photographer is tough. Trying to manage crazy kids, wrangle inebriated groomsmen and attempting to pacify a fiery model who doesn’t share your vision are all pretty common occurrences. But for all that grief, once in a while, you get lucky. That’s how I felt when I met with Kayli and her beautiful family. For once, it all fell into place. The lighting was gorgeous, the location couldn’t have been more perfect and the family…ripped from the pages of a catalog. I’d love to take the credit on these images, but it was really just serendipity. Not that I’m complaining.

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