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Throwback: Abby Normal – Model Shoot at Coney Island

Today’s post brings us back to my first year of photography. My shoot with Abby Normal was the second shoot I ever did with a model and I knew I wanted to try to give it a vintage look and feel. For the first year I did photography I actually delivered all my files in black and white. When I attended art school they wouldn’t even let us paint in color until the 3rd or 4th semester so when I got into photography I gave myself that same limitation. It was actually a very helpful exercise but I wanted to revisit this shoot and process the images in color for posterity.

Now, I just want to say…I shot these images way back in 2012 and because it was only the 2nd time I had every shot with a model I made a LOT of mistakes; many of which aren’t shown here but some are. I’d like to think that if I were shooting with Abby today that I’d make different choices in regards to composition and lighting but I think these images show a clear vision, though not executed perfectly.

I was fortunate to shoot with Abby as she was way more experienced than I was and she was truly comfortable in front of the camera. It was a sweltering July day in Brooklyn and I’ll never understand how she was able to get through it all with a smile. Not only that, but she also had a nice little collection of vintage clothing and even interacting with her was like talking to a girl from the 1950’s. There was something about her look, style and demeanor that was just perfect for this shoot.

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