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Pier and America’s Next Top Model

Pier's Test Shot's for America's Next Top Model

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to meet Jared, a young guy living in DC with a penchant for breathing fire with 151 proof liquor. He also introduced me to many of his housemates, one of whom was Pier. I got a message from Jared one day earlier that simply said something like:

A casting call for Americas top model just came out and my roommate has the looks and story to be heavily considered for the show, but he needs a few pictures to send in with his application by tomorrow.

I read this and got back to him pretty much immediately(America’s Next Top Model sounds awesome) and I was there the next night. Over the course of an hour (and about 2-3 beers) we shot about 2 dozen pictures in a few different outfits and had a good time.

Good luck, Pier!

Location: Models’ home in Dupont Circle, Washington DC

Camera: Nikon D300

Lenses: Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8, Nikon 105mm f/2.8


Moving back to Washington DC

I haven’t really been great about blogging but I think I need something like this now more than ever. I think it’s important to write about these events for the sake of posterity but to also be truthful and honest in doing so.

I’m moving back home (Washington DC) and I’m kind of upset about the whole situation.

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